I am a Post-Doctoral Research Associate working in School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University, U.K. in the group of Prof. Oliver Williams. My current research interest is the study of diamond as a material for device applications. I am mostly interested in using nanocrystalline diamond grown on silicon and other wafers for these applications. Nanocrystalline diamond, even though slightly inferior to single crystal diamond, offers large area, easy scalability of the devices and cost effectiveness. One of the major drawback of the artificially grown nanodiamond film is its surface roughness. We have overcome this problem by developing a polishing technique capable of producing sub-nanometer surface roughness. Over the years Cardiff Diamond Foundry has published a few papers on polishing of thin film diamond. A list of publications on diamond polishing can be found here. At Cardiff Diamond Foundry we have also designed a NIRIM type low cost CVD reactor for diamond growth. The full design of this reactor can be found on this wikiversity page.

I had my first postdoctoral experience in Institut Neel in Grenoble, France with Prof. Christopher Bauerle and Prof. Laurent Saminadayar. There I was involved in a project involving superconducting boron doped diamond. We have been successful in realizing quantum devices capable of operating in magnetic fields as high as 4T. A list of articles on boron doped diamond devices can be found here. I did my doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. R. C. Budhani in Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur. During my PhD I had studied the interaction between superconductors and ferromagnets and various galvanomagnetic properties of double exchange pervoskites like LSMO. A brief summary of my work done during my PhD is given here.



Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

BSc (Hons.)


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India

MSc - PhD (Dual Degree)

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